Management System

We are an international company that supplies its clients with vital autonomous energy sources.


Company's mission is to create value that matters both for our stake holders, clients and workers. We strive to make everyday life better for many people. We aim to be a world leading manufacturer of autonomous energy sources delivering best quality though using modern technologies.

PrJSC "ISTA-Centr"
49051, Ukraine, Dnipro,
30, Kursantskaya str.
Tel.: +380 (56) 790 75 26,
Fax: +380 (56) 790 75 45
E-mail: ista@nac-ista.dp.ua

Tradehouse "ISTA"
02088, Ukraine, Kyiv,
1 A, 1 May str.
Tel./fax: +380 (44) 390 57 08
E-mail: office@td-ista.com