Management System Policy

Battery plants «ISTA» politics in the stable operating and the constant improving of integrated quality and environmental management system is based on meeting current and predictable needs of customers and interested parties in starter batteries.


Battery plants «ISTA» strive for understanding their customers in order to meet their requirements and expectations. The implementation of innovations and the positive image of out batteries attract new customers and expand the cooperation with loyal ones.


Battery plants «ISTA» are leading companies due to setting common goals for all the levels of management.  Human health and life are the most important values for us. Battery plants «ISTA» promote the full involvement of employees and their ability to use talents to benefit the organization. Constant training is an essential principle in achieving the targets for our plants to meet the requirements of all interested parties.



Our decision-making process is founded on the facts and effects at all levels of the corporation. Regular meetings allow us to get all the necessary information quickly and make effective solutions for financial goals of the company and the maintenance of product quality.  Mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers are based on respect and necessary for us to ensure a guaranteed level of quality and reliability of deliveries.


Environmental protection and management of environmental security are fulfilled   by the implementation of all state law requirements and pollution prevention at all stages of the life cycle of batteries. Effective use of energy and natural resources is responsibility of every our employee.


Integration of quality and environmental management system is founded on the process approach. Constant improvement of management system as a process control system is a general principle of company.


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